The Big Apple – Days 5 & 6

These last two days have been lovely! Although they’ve been relatively low-key, I’ve once again fallen in love with the city even more than I thought I could. I know I would miss Seattle so much but the hustle and bustle of NYC is unlike anything else. (except maybe Shanghai, but my relationship with my parents’ hometown is a story for another time) Yesterday I visited the American Museum of Natural History, which I didn’t have much expectations about heading into it, but I’m glad I went although I’m gonna admit it wasn’t as amazing as the MET Museum by far. Since I’ve always been a fan of biology (that’s my backup plan if business doesn’t work out… fingers crossed), there was an exhibit on the origins of mankind that featured a section on disease that blew me away. With all the new technology that’s come to be, most diseases have been eradicated but certain parasitic diseases in places like Africa right now are still in existence. There was another exhibit on Theodore Roosevelt and his contributions to society. There was a speech-type of assignment in junior year IB History that I clearly remember called Chautauqua, when I was him. I recall researching a lot about him but was re-reminded yesterday how great he was. Something he stated once was “It is hard to fail but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. All daring and courage all iron endurance of misfortune make for a finer nobler type of manhood.” Yes, failing sucks and I learned that especially in junior year (a story for another time) but getting back up on your feet and becoming stronger and embracing change? That takes grit.

I learned more than anticipated yesterday and afterwards C’s family and I headed to SHAKE SHACK!! Soooo yum. I got the Veggie burger with mushroom (surprisingly tender and yummy), my mom got the smoked shack and my dad got the original shackburger and they actually liked the burgers too which goes to prove how good they are. (my parents aren’t the greatest fans of American food in general)

Which leads to another food story. We headed to Chinatown round two this morning since I really wanted to see my cousin D (I mentioned him a few posts down when I talked about The Lion King) and today was his only free day, so the first half of our day was really low-key and we chilled in a Shanghainese “small eats” (xiao chi) place. IT WAS AMAZING. We ordered enough food for 6-8 people since we’re really into food if you can’t tell haha and afterwards, I was stuffed. And couldn’t move. And swore I wouldn’t eat again for a day. But of course I always say that and my relationship with food is simply too strong.

We later met up with D at Penn Station (which is a really big train/subway station next to Madison Square Garden). D and I went to Macy’s where we went “shopping” aka going up and down the escalators aimlessly, laughing our heads off and having a great time. He was my best friend and companion for nearly a decade growing up and we had so many sleepovers, soccer camps, Chinese school, English lesson and he even went to my church a number of times. Basically the best person to grow up with. And I got to see him again today and it was so good. Whenever we’re together, we always manage to do nothing and have fun being in each other’s company. At Macy’s we ran into C which was pretty funny and a great coincidence. C was also in our English class so they sort of remember each other. Afterwards, D and my family went to a steakhouse nearby and I pigged out once again. Then we explored a bit at night and got lost walking 30 minutes to Times Square. It was super pretty! Times Square never fails to take my breath away. I know I say that every time, but I don’t think it ever will.

I’m headed back to Seatown tomorrow and less than excited. I’m getting used to this weather and yesterday, a sales rep at Walmart even said I sounded like a New Yorker… the conversation went something like this: Are you a local? / No I’m not haha / Well you sure talk like one and walk like one. WAIT WHAT… Such a compliment. New Yorkers can be pushy but they sure are assertive and a lot of them are very intelligent and put together. The West Coast will always be better in my opinion, but NYC is a special city.

See you on the West Coast!!



The Big Apple – Day 4

Wow another day down and another day closer to reality. I have really enjoyed my time here in New York and I know it’s always going to have a special place in my heart. Today morning started off with a journey to Brooklyn Bridge. We were supposed to meet C’s family at the Brooklyn Bridge City Hall but naturally my mom whose second language is English misheard C’s mom and thought we were supposed to meet at (New York) City Hall… the main one. So we subway’ed there and in the midst of our confusion, got lost only to realize that Brooklyn Bridge City Hall and the main city hall are only a matter of minutes away. Lucky us.

The walk across Brooklyn Bridge was refreshing. The weather was lovely again (perfect temperatures of around 45F and yeah the cold is beginning to grow on me since I think anything above 40F is now warm apparently, so going back to Seattle will be funny to see people complaining about weather in the 50s)… Something interesting about the bridge is that visitors will sometimes bring locks and have a love lockdown (basically securing locks with names of lovers to the panels on the bridge) and even write little messages of affirmation or random thoughts. Something an anonymous wrote on the side panel stood out to me: “i believe that we are who we choose to be. ain’t nobody out there gonna com and save you. youve got to save yourself. nobody is going to give you anything youve got to go at+fight for it. nobody knows what you want cept you and nobody will be as sorry as you if you dont get it. so dont give up on your dreams.” (3/15/15) This is such a recent visitor with such bold dreams. I’ve always been a dreamer but I’ve never been too confident in expressing my dreams publicly. Who knows what it is… fear of failure, fear of judgement. But you know what, confidence is sexy. There, I said it. And being confident in what’s most important will allow you to gain others’ respect as long as you believe in the power of your own capabilities and drive yourself to succeed, so thank you to the man who wrote that. I appreciate the simplicity of your wisdom.

After going to Brooklyn Bridge, we headed off to CHINATOWN! When I was really young, my mom took me and my bro to Chinatown Seattle quite a bit since Ranch 99 hadn’t opened up yet. But after I was about 5, I stopped wanting to go since I thought it was dirty (still is) and most of all too crowded. I have a slight fear of enclosed spaces and being in a tiny cramped store wasn’t always the best feeling. But today’s experience brought back childhood memories of going during certain weekends with her and my brother. It was kind of odd but not bad. We had dim sum in this newly opened restaurant and ate so much spicy tofu and other foods topped with chili. I don’t usually eat much spicy food, but this Sczhuanese (spelling?) restaurant was pretty solid.

After Chinatown, my family headed off to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum which showcases the newly opened Enterprise, a space shuttle. A temporary exhibition of the Hubble was also there, celebrating the 25th century of the Hubble Space Telescope. I didn’t expect to be very intrigued by the exhibits since I don’t really know much about this type of thing in general, but I learned so much today. My dad explained a lot of how space travel works to me, and it was really a rewarding experience reflecting back on it. I’m glad we went.

Overall, today was a really low-key day and I liked it that way. After leaving the Space Museum (we spent roughly 2.5 hours there), my family and I spent some time chilling in a coffee shop to enjoy the pastries and before long, we took off to our next food adventure: a steakhouse nearby. I got a bacon Swiss cheese bison burger with French fries on the side and lots of veggies, just the way I like it. I didn’t expect bison to be so juicy but it was well cooked. My mom didn’t really like the taste of the burger since I shared some of it with her, so she got the salt and pepper trout with green beans while my dad ordered a bison filet mignon. (yeah, the restaurant was famous for its bison, we don’t have an bison fetish or anything haha)

Cheers to being a dreamer now and forevermore. But more importantly, making sure dreams don’t stay unattended. Do something about it.


The Big Apple – Day 3

It was definitely the loveliest day today in terms of food, adventure, theater, and history. And possibly the best day of this year so far (I know it’s only March, but nothing beats history, desserts, Broadway and evil twins). Yes, my best friend is also known as my evil twin. We’re actually quite different though many beg to differ if they only see us when we’re in action. Haha but whenever we’re together we’re always a lot crazier and infamously cause lots of mischief. 🙂 (hence evil twins)

The morning started off with a subway ride to Bowling Greens, where we waited for a ferry ride to Liberty Island from Battery Park, a nice area nearby. On the way there, I didn’t realize how out of hand subway rides could get – the man next to me was gay (which I don’t have a problem with) but what was funny was how he was trying to get another man who he had hit on’s Instagram/Facebook/Twitter information. Since asking for strangers (stranger danger) for their personal info is always creepy, they got into a slight argument which made everyone around them try their hardest to stifle their laughter. I was sitting right across from them so I was among those people. The whole situation was just awkward. Before I got off the subway though, they resolved their conflict somehow after someone intervened. I never realized how heated New Yorkers are but then again everyone has their own opinion but in Seattle, they just tend to keep it in more.

When I got on the ferry, the view outside was gorgeous. Although the rest of the crew sat inside for awhile (the crew as in the ladies) I decided to join my dad and C’s dad outside since I wanted to take in the view… not so much the insane wind. We finally got off the boat and got to the Statue of Liberty. The ride to Liberty Island as well as the Statue of Liberty was actually my most vivid memory from New York 10 years ago. I still remember the skyline across the bay and the wind on that sunny April morning so many years back. Lady Liberty was indeed impressive, but I must say the skyline definitely stood out even more. I have a sweet spot for beautiful skylines. Not saying Seattle’s isn’t beautiful, but New York’s is so expansive and wide spanning a seemingly endless circle that I couldn’t stop taking photos. And for everyone who cares, most of my photos are either pictures of food, nature, people I love, or city skylines whenever I get the chance to be in that surrounding. (not to be basic haha)

After finishing off with Lady Liberty, we ferried off to Staten Island, a place for immigrants during the mid 20th century who first landed in New York. But right before we got on the ferry, there was a group of Black street dancers who were giving a performance. Halfway through, they were searching for a vibrant Asian man so of course they chose my dad of all people. -___- I was proud he was a good sport and it was interesting to see how they make a living. I definitely respect their honest means of supporting themselves through performance and the arts.

Anyway… another tangent haha. But Staten Island was really cool! Looking at the exhibits made me feel blessed to be born in America because many of them gave up so much in their own countries to come here and faced a great deal of prejudice too. We’re pretty lucky that even though prejudice and discrimination is still a very real thing, there has been much progress since then.

Next we were obviously starving and being the fatties we are, my family and I got Indian food (chicken tikka masala is my favorite) while C’s family had pizza. I swear the small “unimpressive” street food doesn’t look that good but it’s so worth it. If you’re ever around NYC, give it a try. My dad then suggested that we go to Wall Street, but before that, I had to get Dunkin’ Donuts. I ordered the original glazed one as well as a brownie and some coffee to wash it down. I thought it was quite good, but very similar to Krispy Kreme in terms of taste and price. Still worth it. The Financial District was interesting but not my cup of tea. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I’ll be working in NYC any time soon. Probably never. But I have mad mad respect for the financial traders and buffs who make it in the Big Apple. You da real mvps.

C and I didn’t really enjoy the Financial District very much, but The Lion King that night was definitely the highlight of this trip. Growing up, I probably watched the movie once a month. My cousin D who I was very close to in my childhood (and still am but don’t get to see very often – but he lives in NY so I’m meeting up with him Friday) were obsessed with the movie. I still remember doing reenactments of it whenever we were bored since we thought the entire storyline was so great. Basically it’s always had a special place in my heart, so of course I was brimming with excitement on my way to my first Broadway musical. As the performance started, everything was impeccable. From the costumes to the stage sets to all the live music and drums… I was in awe. The actors really brought the story to life. I was really sad to see it end, but I would definitely recommend it if you’re ever around NY.

C’s family and I parted but my family being the fatties we are then went to a confectionary shop and decided to pig out on cakes and sweets. I swear we’re going to get diabetes some day if I don’t already have prediabetes or something. I eat so much sugar in a day that it’s pretty unhealthy haha. No shame! I got a NY cheesecake (hello you’re in New York, might as well?), my mom got the oreo chocolate chip chocolate cake (mm, so much chocolate), my dad got a giant peanut butter cookie, and the three of us shared an apple turnover. I was stuffed and about to die of a food coma but I’d rather be fat and  happy than skinny and sad.

Here’s to a sweet(er) day 4. (sorry I uploaded on day 4 so technically yes I’m cheating and yes day 4 was sweet) 🙂 Hope everyone is having a marvelous spring break!


The Big Apple – Day 2

After walking around for what seemed like 10+ miles yesterday (I don’t know the exact numbers but all I know was my feet were dying in the morning) I had to switch from boots to sneakers. And today went by much better. The morning started off cold as usual and my parents and I walked a couple blocks to the Rockefeller Center. C’s family had trouble finding it at first (I swear our fates are just switched or something from day to day) and we waited around for 20 minutes just taking in the scenery around the center. We then went to Top of the Rock which featured 30 Rock (which sadly again I don’t know much about… I swear I’m just an uncultured child haha, thanks Asian parents jk) but it was cool nonetheless to be in the building where SNL is filmed as well as Jimmy Kimmel Live and stuff like that. I also ran into one of my rhobros from my business frat which was really funny and cool! We were both super surprised… what are the chances right with a city so big like NYC?! I really wish I ran into a celebrity too but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were nearby. The energy in the place made me sense the presence of the many famous people who had visited before me.

After going up the 70 stories in the elevator, the wind was beating against my head like crazy. Being on top of the Rock gave us a great view of the Empire State Building and the rest of the New York skyline. I’m not really scared of heights compared to most people I know. In fact, it gives me an adrenaline rush to look down for a certain period of time. After going back down to the bottom of the Rock, I got to sit on the chair that NBC news anchors sit on for a mock taping which was really surreal. Long live Brian Williams…

Speaking of the Empire State Building, we then headed there next. Going up the Empire State Building was really amazing because of how much history the place has, but honestly how crowded it was and the fact that we had to walk up 6 long flights of stairs in the middle since the elevators were too packed was somewhat of a turn off. It felt like waiting in those long lines in Disneyland, finally getting to the ride and realizing that you still had to wait 6 long minutes. Or something like that. (1 minute = 1 flight of stairs). But the wait was well worth it. Since we had CityPasses, we went back again at night and took a series of action shots and panoramas of the entire skyline. It was breathtaking and I was blown away. (literally too since the wind was so strong) I would definitely go back again in the future if I get the chance. Maybe once C and I get jobs and get settled down… #eviltwintakeover round 2 anyone? Yeah I’m just getting too far ahead of myself again. Live in the moment!

We needed to kill some time before dinner started so at around 4 in the afternoon, C’s mom suggested we visit the New York Public Library. Honestly I wasn’t expecting much from a library but it was amazing and one of the best libraries if not the best one I’ve ever stepped inside. The ceiling had this very intricate decoration that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. I swear if I ever studied inside I would be distracted by its beauty. It didn’t give off the most library feel and if no one told me it was a library, I’d imagine it to be a museum. Inside there was actually an exhibit featuring the timeline of photographs and how they have evolved over the years, especially with the innovation of social media; a profound quote that struck me was “Facebook is the world’s largest online image-sharing site, currently boasting uploads of 350 million photographs a day and a total of more than 250 billion images since its inception in 2004. Originally based on the concept of university student directories, “facebooks” solicit information and pictures by capitalizing on the human need to communicate and our desire to be seen…”

That part of the exhibit stood out because too often we forget the power of what we share and how lucky and I guess unlucky at times it is that information is so accessible. Almost too accessible that we don’t even consider the power we have. Just some food for thought/a tangent… y’all probably all realize that I tend to think in tangents, never with much coherence and my mind is always scattered and buzzing at the same time. So you could call me a professional daydreamer of sorts. 😉

We left the library and with still some more time to spare we headed to St. Patrick’s Cathedral just a block away. It was still under renovation but the front part of the building was perfectly in tact. I loved the openness of the structure as well as the pillars on the outside. Something about a big white building always draws my attention. (think the ones during the Roman Empire or even the Capitol Building) I enjoyed the solitude of the cathedral and how the stained glass windows were mostly primary colors on the left side and blue and purpley hues on the right side, giving it a nice balance.

Once we left the cathedral we finally decided to find a place for dinner. Not wanting to be creative and since all of us were pretty exhausted, we went to an Asian restaurant since we wanted to go to the Empire State round two for night time view. (call us crazy right? yeah we are kinda crazy haha but CRAZY FOR CITY LIFE!!) It was absolutely stunning the second time and arguably even better at night with all the illuminata. This time around there were a little less people so that was also a plus.

I’m finally back in my hotel room and all cozy… not gonna lie, I don’t want this to end. I know all good things come to an end but I’m not willing to go back to Seattle. I do miss the weather though and the sunshine that comes with non-freezing temperatures. I am looking forward to spring quarter and getting into a class I had set on my notifyUW ever since almost three weeks ago. I finally got in a few minutes ago, and couldn’t be more relieved.

Here’s to adventure and taking chances.


The Big Apple – Day 1

10 years ago, I went to New York for the first time with my mom, brother and second family. Since then I’ve been wanting to come back for quite some time now and finally got the chance to visit with my best friend, her family, and my parents this spring break. 🙂 The thing with me is like I mentioned previously, friendships are arguably one of the most important and rewarding aspects of life. For me, we’re either acquainted or really really tight and I love the heck out of you once we reach a certain degree of closeness.

My best friend (C) and I are the sappiest pair you’ll ever meet. We used to try and tone it down but now people just accept it and really, we’re as close as it gets. She always brings out the best in me as well as others around her and we have seen each other at our highs and lows – somehow when I’m at my lowest, she constantly uplifts me with her wit and sarcasm (and encouragement). I’m eternally grateful for a sister like her. Basically when we found out our schedules worked and we were able to come to a city as beautiful as NYC together we were over the moon! (and right now I’m pretty sure I’m still dreaming)

Today started off with an unexpected twist. We wanted to go to the MET Museum in the morning so we walked to the subway station to ride to that area of town. But when we reached the subway station, the route we needed to take was closed. So naturally we walked to the next station around the corner and found out the route there was somehow closed too and there were only 15 minutes left before we were supposed to meet up with C’s family… my parents and I then had to run 8 blocks across town to catch the metro after we finally got on a route that was functioning. (side note they’re not the biggest fans of exercise and not running in particular haha) Of course as we got to the metro, it took us to a place still 3 blocks away from MET. (in New York, each block is pretty long for whatever reason) And we were already 15 minutes late. Not wanting to wait around any longer, we decided to just book it and take a taxi… Sometimes I forget how thankful I am for the convenience of having cars back home in Seattle. So much more convenient despite how the metro/subway system is supposed to be “faster…” Definitely not the case today!

Anyway MET Museum was huuuuuge! Think Pacific Science Center but way bigger. Maybe ten of those put together. I didn’t know a museum could have so many levels of European art, Egyptian structures, Asian calligraphy, etc. I was in awe walking through the beautiful geometrically shaped building with the sunshine streaming in through the skylight. I wish I could’ve stayed even longer but time permitting, we left after four hours and strolled to Central Park which was really close by. Central Park has always been in my opinion the greatest landmark of New York minus the State of Liberty. I still remember going to it 10 years ago but not remembering much about the park itself besides the little stream that overlooked the hotel that we were staying at. Going back today brought back some memories and it made me super nostalgic. The park itself was breathtaking, especially the place where people usually ice skate during the winter. It’s getting too warm (even though I wouldn’t call 37F all that warm but apparently it is by New Yorkers’ standards) for ice skating but the ice itself was mostly unmelted and the sunshine reflected really nicely against it.

After leaving Central Park, we walked to the famous Fifth Avenue where we toured Louis Vuitton and some other extremely up there stores that I, the cheap skate “fashionista”, (psh not even and c’mon deals are what I live for on the occasions I don’t splurge) pretended to be interested in. My best friend and I tried to pretend we were interested when the sales associates walked by but couldn’t take them seriously…$5500 for a little top you’ll wear a few times probably? I can just knit one and sew a symbol onto it. Kidding but not kidding haha.

We then proceeded to eat dinner near Trump Plaza and then headed off to Times Square. Times Square was the cherry on top today. It didn’t kick in that I was in New York until I saw the vibrant energy and the illuminated lights everywhere. I was screaming my head off with C (no shame) and got photobombed in a candid photo of my amazement so thank you photobomber…

<<ps I’ll post some pics when I feel like they’re worthy but most of the ones we took today are too embarrassing for public view… C and I had fun making ugly faces every time one of our dads tried to take a photo of us so save your eyeballs>>

Although I remember Times Square being pretty impressive the time I went 10 years ago, I had only seen it during the day if I recall correctly. And let me tell you: it’s much prettier at night. I was standing frozen in awe and still am in awe that I was standing in a place with so much history. (actually scratch what I said about Central Park – Times Square’s in second place and Central Park’s in a close third)… Something about the fashion of New Yorkers is so edgy and inspirational in a way that they all seem to cultivate a unique fashion sense. You’d think with temperatures at freezing still this time of year, they’d all be wearing the same style of peacoat or buy the same boots, but almost everyone I encountered today seemed to have a unique flair. I aspire to have a better fashion sense but let’s best honest: comfort is everything especially in Seattle.

Stay tuned for day 2…


Furthering His Kingdom

Heart-to-hearts are my favorite types of conversation. I don’t get the chance to have those deep, raw and most of all honest conversations (I mentioned I hate small talk right? I think I’ll say it again. Not a fan of small talk unless necessary)…

This afternoon I met up with a dear sister (J) who I haven’t been able to see since last year and it was so refreshing to hear what God has been doing in her life. In the past few months, He has really instilled a newfound passion in the international ministry within me and without even knowing it, we started talking about it and realized we were both interested. It’s truly a blessing here at UW that we’re able to enjoy such a diverse community. But at the same time I sense a brokenness and unspoken divide among all the different races, even within the Asian spectrum of Asians who just came from Asia and ABC’s like myself. It’s one thing to dream that we can all be united and that the uniting is through His love, but more importantly, through His unconditional love we can give our time and concern to those who need it like the international community.

I don’t know where I’ll end up spring quarter but with winter quarter coming to a close, I sense a new chapter opening up! Stay tuned… I can’t wait to share what great things are in store.

The Two Kinds of Faith: Warriors and Worriers

“It’s not easy to have faith the size of a mustard seed. But Jesus promised that this would be enough to move mountains…” Why do we wander? I find it so hard to speak up about Jesus publicly. Most of my friends know I’m Christian but don’t know much about my relationship with Him. If you want to fellowship or learn more, don’t be scared to ask. It’ll take me some time but I promise I’ll be happy to share with you. With that said, on an unrelated side note my laptop is alive and well! #PTL :’)

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

I imagine that when Moses split the Red Sea, there were two groups of people.

The first group was composed of victorious triumphant warriors saying, “In your face, Egyptians! This is our God!” They were pumping their fists and thrusting their spears. The second group was composed of doubtful, panicking screamers running full speed through whales and plankton.

I’m a Screamer. I’m a cynic. I’m a critic. I’m a Peter, who can make a good start off the boat, but falls in the water when my eyes wander.
I’m not endorsing a halfway lukewarm faith. I believe God wants us to have a robust, vibrant, thriving relationship with Him. But as for me, I’ll be limping to the finish-line. I’m more of a Thomas than a Paul. I’m more Martha than Mary. I’m more David than Daniel.

Yet the Warriors and Screamers all made it through.

It’s not easy to…

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Broken Laptop: Dead Week Edition

Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend! I know I did, despite the rain and having to change twice after going on an hour long walk in the pouring rain without an umbrella (I don’t actually own an umbrella and haven’t used one since my pink Hello Kitty one stopped looking cute after second grade)… and getting absolutely drenched from head to toe. I can still feel myself shuddering right now as I’m wrapped up in my blanket and trying to warm myself.

If you remember from my intro post, I adore the smell and feel of rain. But not today. I was carrying my laptop when long story short, I found out my best friend was visiting all the way from New York so after studying for a few hours I sprinted from the library back to my dorm and didn’t realize my laptop was facing with its vents side up… I got back to my dorm, turned on my laptop and everything was black.

Somehow, it seems that every time something good happens to me, God balances it out with something bad. I know it’s wrong to blame Jesus on things that happen.

That doesn’t, however, stop me from questioning why I was surprisingly calm to learn my laptop’s no longer running. (Keep calm and carry on right?) I still have three finals to go though.  Please send your loving prayers that I survive without my laptop and somehow get (more like fight the others in the struggle bus) for a library computer. I want to learn to appreciate Jesus through the good and the bad, and see this as a blessing. “Walk by faith, not by sight.”

Growing Up

Wowowow. I just stumbled upon this post from my sister’s blog from almost 2 years ago. So much has changed in this time and I’m so grateful to have her in my life for 19 years now – she is my role model, partner in crime (let’s be honest I’m the devil to her angel), and greatest companion to grow up with. I can’t wait to see where these next few years will take us, despite not getting to see each other as much. Thanks for everything. ❤

Blurry Photos Make My Husband Cringe


Janet is full of spunk! I’ve known her since she was in the womb and have always viewed her as my little sister. Janet was my baking apprentice, jumping shots partner and road trip buddy. She has a deep appreciation for her friends and has a relaxed personality. We have done so many random go-with-the-flow things and they have always been fun because of her! And now she is almost grown up…almost 18…almost away to college. So here is my attempt to freeze time, to capture some photos and pretend she will always be 17 and always close by.




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Travel Bloggers Share: The best piece of advice I’ve ever received…

“Live like a cat.” YES>>> With less than two weeks until my best friend and I go on the adventure of a lifetime and take on NYC together, I can’t help but be super jittery right now as I put off my econ reading. (ok, part of it could be because of the Starbs I had just now) Anyway as previously mentioned in my intro blog post, exploring the world is my absolute favorite thing… and spending time with C will be the cherry on top. I can’t wait to share with you about our experience together as I strive to live in the moment. Why do you travel?

Little Grey Box

There are a lot of fantastic travel blogs created by interesting and inspiring people who share their stories, photographs and travel advice with us. Whilst they come from all different walks of life, they all have one thing in common…. they love to travel! Each month I’m getting together with some of the best travel bloggers to ask them a simple question and share their responses with you. Coming together like this brings together some of the best travel bloggers from around the world to share, create and grow. It’s also a way for you to find a new site to explore and, hopefully, inspire you to seek out adventure too. You can read their answers to last month’s question, ‘Why do you travel?’ here.

This month travel bloggers share their answers to the question:

What is the best piece of advice you've receivedAmanda of Amanda Mabel 

“It would definitely have to be to appreciate the small things in life…

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