Now that it’s summer, it’s harder than ever to stay on top of things like Bible reading (not that I was really on top of it to begin with), checking up on aacfers, and meeting up intentionally. I’ve always found it somewhat harder to click with Christians right away especially in high school since I had like no Christian friends. (to all my non-Christian friends, I love you equally).

But since freshman year ending an exact five days ago (almost typed years since I’m clearly absentminded at the moment) I’ve been doing a little bit of reflecting mostly just in my mind about the past year. I’m still blown away, in awe, and extremely thankful to God. HE IS SO GOOD. I tasted it and I definitely want more. He brought me the rawest friendships who constantly poured love into my life and showed me that things would be okay when they weren’t. He shined light into the darkness that surrounded me and made sure I wouldn’t cave into temptations. He also provided me with a group of brothers and sisters that I didn’t even ask for. I didn’t do anything to deserve what He gave but He still provided.

This summer, I want to be kept accountable so I don’t stay stagnant. If you want to be my accountability partner(s), I’d be more than happy to keep you in my prayers. There are a million and one things I’ve invested myself into (what’s new…) this summer looool. And with that said I don’t wanna lose sight of the importance of following God with all this free time. Redeem the time with me and let’s stay on this path together.


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