I’m restless. Summer so far has been good. I’ve been spending more much-needed time with church friends and I love it. At the same time with the amount of time I have in a day when I’m not working or on the road, there’s a still small voice that constantly pesters at me. Pester might be the wrong word, but I know whenever a random voice nudges me it’s probably the Holy Spirit…because I don’t hear voices in my head and I know it’s not my own.

I’m still trying to find my peace from Him. I haven’t fully reached that yet because often times my eyes get distracted by things that are not of God. And so having those brothers and sisters around me to keep me accountable at least once/twice a week is really a true blessing. As much as it is great to be with different types of people, it is them in the last few months who have kept me grounded when my faith was wavering or when I wanted to go my own way. And even when I went my own way, I knew they wouldn’t judge me for being so restless.

I want to find rest in you Lord. Teach me, guide me, mold me and use me. I am all yours.


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